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Sevenoaks' Tree Felling Specialists

Improve the curb appeal of your property by having a tree felled by our professionals at DLH Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgeon cutting a tree
Tree surgeon removes branches
Local tree surgeon cutting a tree

Being renowned in the Sevenoaks area as tree felling specialists, rest assured that we will safely and effectively get rid of any trees which are blocking or causing a nuisance for your property.

Our bespoke services encompass everything from tree cutting and crown reduction to tree pruning and stump removal; so you will be provided with the complete tree felling service.  

Whatever your requirements, rest assured that our experienced team will provide you with the ultimate tree felling solution for your Sevenoaks property. 

Even if it is a single tree you require to be cut down, our team will arrive at your Sevenoaks property, fell the tree and then clean up any mess afterwards. This makes sure that you get a quality solution and your garden is left in the same condition as it was when we arrived.

To find out more or enquire about our tree felling services in Sevenoaks give us a call on 01634 324414 and speak with a specialist tree surgeon. We will go through any requirements you have and supply you with information on our tree felling services and our broad range of other specialist tree surgery solutions.

tree felling in Kent

A Specialist Team Behind All Tree Felling Services in Sevenoaks

Our team utilise over 17 years' of experience in the industry to supply Sevenoaks clients with a professional and friendly solution. Ensuring that everyone is kept safe during the tree felling service, our team make sure that everything is stopped correctly and the right tools are used for each part of the service. 

Each stage of tree cutting and felling is completed with the utmost professionalism and care to ensure nothing gets damaged and to ensure everyone is kept safe. Our experienced and dedicated team will use the tools they have to hand to remove all branches and take apart the tree, bit by bit. We will then remove all equipment and tools in the area before cleaning all wood chips, branches and logs from the area. 

We service multiple trees on a single project if required. No matter if it is a single tree or multiple, our tree cutting services are sure to have you covered. We even provide emergency tree removals for times when a tree has fallen onto a road or area that needs to be kept clear.

Customer Reviews

Removing tree branches with a chainsaw

Bespoke Tree Felling Services in Sevenoaks

We service commercial businesses and homeowners from across the South East and Kent, including Sevenoaks. Our tree cutting services are provided at a professional standard ensuring that no matter the tree felling requirements, we will have a solution.

To speak with a professional tree surgeon and find out more on our tree felling services, contact us today.